Fatal Attraction

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I’m in the sunshine but I’m staring at the moon light Darkness calls my chest home, and still I have no hind sight Stuck in the middle, no fork in the road Just a dusty ass path that I’ve walked … Continued

Battle Front

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Hands in the air, no weapons in hand We will fight for the safety of our fellow man No fears left inside, we’re here not to hide Our battles begun, it’s a fight for our lives Our weapons in chest, … Continued

Differences Obsolete

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Looking at the past is affecting my present It’s still hard to grasp, but the feeling is pleasant I’m not alone, you only made it seem that way I had a home, and its been here since my birthday Love in … Continued


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Welcome to the 21st Expect the best but reap the worst Wars for power, wars for greed Ignoring what us humans need Lack of love, and too much hate Living at a dying rate Sex now nothing but an urge … Continued

Stuck Like Glue

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I’ll throw the tulips in the vase And press these two lips on your face I’ve had it once, that lovely taste Fill me with your loving grace   The darkness crawls in through the blinds We’re laying here, not … Continued

Don't Give Up On Me

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Days they come and days they go Our journey halted, time moves slow Now I’m clueless, now I’m lost Trust is useless, when you’re gone Giving up, or giving in I‘m not sure of your choice Viewing life alone again … Continued

The Drought

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We both had dreams to save the world, agreed to stay a team A pair of kids with love struck hearts and also love to beam Times were hard but we stayed strong, found reasons to move on Each time … Continued

The Nightmare

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Heart is racing Palms are wet, dripping with an eager sweat Thoughts are chasing No regret, for everything I’ll soon forget   Tears are senseless Fear denied, I stare my demon in his eyes He seems relentless No disguise,  for now … Continued

Feeling Alright

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The feeling starts inside my chest Floats out into my fingers It’s best described as drifting It hit’s and then it lingers The moment that your lips touch mine My body seems to separate My mind is steady, heart is … Continued

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